Get the most from your captive audience.

You spend time and money to get people through the door and throw an amazing show. Now you have a room full of interested people: how do you make sure you get the most out of the moment? We are here to help with the buskr show collectible.

Give your fans a buskr show collectible.

Give your fans a one-of-a-kind buskr show collectible as a souvenir from your concert that enables you to contact them afterwards to tell them about your next event or an upcoming release! The collectible includes information about the show and only attendees can get one. It is the perfect way to prove that they were there since day one. What’s more, a buskr show collectible is resellable on OpenSea.

Create a piece of cultural history.

Use buskr to sell a limited run mixtape at your show of songs you are working on currently. You spend time crafting a show poster? Make it an album cover. You have openers? Get them on the mixtape. You have a voice memo of a song you are working on? Fans will love it. Offer your fans something they cannot find on streaming platforms: a piece of cultural history.
collection of metadiscs

A medium that matters.

All albums found on buskr are built on MetaDiscs. They have a 1000x smaller carbon footprint than a vinyl record and are resellable on OpenSea. Our goal is to transform digital music into something that is valuable forever. Read more about the MetaDisc here.

bo profile

Bo Henrik had 130 attendees at his show.
With the buskr show collectible he saw:


Viewed his socials and listened to his music.


Collected a buskr show Collectible


In additional revenue from album sales

How it Works

Build your MetaDisc

album for sale screenshot

Create a limited run MetaDisc only available at the show. Include each musician on set and turn your show poster into album artwork. Let your personality shine through! Add that voice memo demo you are working on or an acoustic version of your latest single. Be creative!

Show your QR Code

concert QR code

Show a QR code at your show so people can collect their buskr show collectible, connect with you on socials, and buy your show mixtape. This is your opportunity to make sure everyone at the event can find you on socials and streaming platforms after the show.

Connect with Fans

event page iphone screenshot

After scanning the QR code, attendees are taken to your event page. Here they can collect the buskr show collectible, connect with you on socials, and buy your show mixtape. It is the perfect hub for people who love your performance and want to learn more.

Our commission is only 15%.

You are paid immediately.

Contact us now to learn how you can connect with your fans through a buskr show collectible.